”Tattoo- U”

By Jamila Cherif   If you have ever thought that your tattoo or piercing is holding you back from getting a job, you may be right. During interviews, the smallest details are considered and can be prejudices. The interview process is [...]

Fall Fashion Must Haves

By Ashley Boudreaux With fall finally arriving, we are starting to see more winter looks rolling into stores.  But of course, buying a whole new wardrobe seems a little unrealistic! Here are the Top 6 must-have items for this fall. 1 Graphic [...]

Nailing it, The hidden cost of a manicure

By Jamila Cherif  Manicures and pedicures are luxuries that say, “I’m pampered and worth it.’’ Students may not be able to afford a $50 manicure, but will consider a $10 or $20 manicure and pedicure.Some nail salons may cut corners [...]