Why the Business Model Doesn’t Work for Higher Education

By Susan Hague Back in the ‘80s, corporations, especially publicly-traded ones that answered to stockholders, went through a purging of employees to maintain profits. The phrase, “lean and mean,” described the lack of loyalty businesses [...]

One Of The Dolphin Editors Needs Our Help

By Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder, May 23, 2017 If you have been reading The Dolphin Newspaper the past couple of years, you may recognize the name, Meghan Henoumont.  As a student at Delgado Community College (DCC), she has also worked [...]

Delgado Registrar To Fix Diploma Debacle

By Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder As reported in The Dolphin https://www.facebook.com/TheDolphinNewspaper on Tuesday May 16, 2017, there was a huge typo on hundreds of Spring 2017 diplomas http://delgadodolphin.net/2017/05/huge-typo-on-delgado-diplomas-for-spring-2017-graduates/. Later [...]

Huge Typo On Delgado Diplomas For Spring 2017 Graduates

By Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder If you are a Spring 2017 Delgado Community College graduate, you may need to check your diploma. As posted by Scott Leto in the Facebook DCCHelp group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/dcchelp/, a group [...]

Delgado Tuition Up Over 100 Percent In Seven Years

By: Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder   Delgado Community College in New Orleans, with several campuses in the surrounding metropolitan area, has seen a substantial spike in tuition in the past seven years. After having stable tuition [...]

Delgado Kills Its Golden Goose

By Susan Hague Created in 1921 as a trade school for boys, Delgado is the oldest community college in Louisiana, and two of the feathers in its cap were its TV Production and Mass Communication programs. In what looks to be a return to workforce [...]

DCC Students Plan March on LCTCS Board of Supervisors Meeting

Editorial by Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder If you are one of the dozens of adversely affected students due to the recent cancellations of the TV Production and Mass Communication programs at Delgado Community College (DCC), then other [...]

Chancellor Joan Davis is a LIAR!

Editorial by Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder Yes, I said it — Delgado Community College’s Chancellor Joan Davis is a LIAR! Just two days ago at the impromptu meeting held at the DCC Admin Bldg 37, Chancellor Davis met with a group [...]

Student Advisory Meeting Scheduled Concerning Canceled Programs

By Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder If you are one of the dozens of affected students concerned about your future education at Delgado Community College, “a meeting has been scheduled for Friday May 5, 2017, at 9 a.m. in Building [...]

DCC planning to shut down the Journalism program also

Editorial by Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder If you are one of the thousands of people that read the Delgado Dolphin Newspaper or the online articles or Facebook postings, please help keep the program alive. How ironic is it that I am [...]