Student Loans Impacting Our Financial Stability

By: Ricardo Betancourt More students now than ever are refusing to pay their student loans even after former President Obama nationalized the student loan system with the intentions to help students in debt. A recent study by the Consumer [...]

Ask M J

Dear M J, I am a 22-year-old college student. I am currently looking for employment and I am extremely focused and determined. I live with my mom, stepdad and 21-year-old brother. I feel that my mom’s lack of trust in me will eventually form [...]

Delgado Community College Support Group on Facebook

By: Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder If you ever have questions about anything Delgado-related and you can’t find the answer with any of the departments on campus, then this hidden gem of a Facebook group that recently showed up on [...]

Misinformation: why WIKIPEDIA is not always a credible source

By: Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder You may have used Wikipedia for help with studying or writing a paper.  You may know classmates who have.  While Wikipedia can be a starting point, you don’t want to rely on a Wikipedia article as your [...]

Response to Heather McDonald’s quote  

By: Jeannette Glen “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” — Salvor Hardin, Isaac Asimov’s character in Foundation.           The author of “The War on Cops,” Heather McDonald said in an interview, “Police shootings [...]


Horoscopes By: Jeannette Glen Aries (March 21- April 19) You have been considering things that others need to change. What about you Aries? Your temper often betrays you. Learn to calm down and receive the Universe’s gifts for your troubles. Taurus [...]

Origins of the Zodiac

By: Jeannette Glen Have you ever wondered how the zodiac came to be? How did early astrologists name the zodiac signs? Who were the earliest of astrologists? How did they observe the planets? Astrology is the study of how the movement of the [...]

The effects of Violence on college students

 By: Jeannette Glen         “Victim and perpetrator are just two sides of the same coin of violence.” — Anonymous             According to Psychology Today, college students are the demographic most likely to experience [...]

Ask M J

By: Jeannette Glen Published March 8 2017 Dear M J,                  I recently broke up with my boyfriend. Last semester I began school and he didn’t seem to support me the way I wanted him to. I would do things to make him [...]

IRS Scams and why your refund could take longer this year!

By: Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder Published March 8 2017 If you have your hopes up for a quick income tax refund this year, don’t hold your breath!  Because of the millions of fraudulent and erroneous tax returns filed last year, with the [...]