When To Switch

By: Christian Prevost

Nintendo has released its latest console, the Nintendo Switch last month on the third.  With the system being a hit right out of the gate selling out within hours of the initial release. The console is a must have for gamers, but is now the time to own the new hardware.

The real question is that should you buy a Nintendo Switch? Like most new tech brand new out of the box the Switch is not without his problem.  With most people complain about issues of lost frame rate which is where the game loses its clarity and begins to look pixilated.  The next major issue that most users have begun to experience are the Joy con issues.  The Joy cons are Nintendo’s new take on the game controller.  Each side of the Con is its own separate controller in its self that can be combined to make one controller.  The concept of this controller is cool but the problem is that most consumers are having connectivity issues.  Where one of the controls wouldn’t connect, or stay connected to the system, or connect at all.

One of the ways to combat the issue is to buy a $70-dollar pro controller which adds to the already pricey system cost, but it is one of the more effective ways to combat the problem.  The more cost-effective ways to combat the issue is to wait for the system update.  One update has already come out of the Nintendo e-shop and has slowed the issue down in for more users but the three are still some reports of the problem.

The last major issue is not a terrible one, but a problem that most new systems possess and that is the lack of content.  The system launched with a mere 5 titles.  Far less than the other current-Gen consoles during their release.  The prospect of a new game coming out are sparsest as well with minimal games coming out through the year.

These small issues are not compared to the greatness that is the Switch.  The system is basically two consoles in one.  The Switch is a handheld system when it’s not attached to the dock but once it’s placed in the dock the Switch becomes a full console that can be played like any other system.  Having multiple systems in one is an amazing concept.

The system might not have many games, but the games it does have are quality games, with one major release title called Zelda breath of the wild.  That game alone on this new hardware is something spectacular the different play styles in one game.  Helping make this machine worthwhile.

The battery life on the controllers is also worth noting as they have a good battery life.  With the controller lasting for more than a few days, I’ve often become shocked when the controls notify me that it needs to be recharged.  It truly lasts a lot longer than I expected.  They’ve made gaming on the go even better it’s a breeze to just pick up the system attach the joy cons and play anywhere, you’ll have to buy a carrying case to tote the system around as it is a tablet style system.  With tablets protection is key.

The verdict with the system is if you own a Wii U Nintendo’s last consoles then wait till this summer when the system has more titles under its belt, and buy Zelda Breath of The Wild for your Wii U and play that for a while because it really is a must play game.  If you don’t own a Nintendo console and you’re able to get your hands on the fast selling out system.  Then you should defiantly pick one up even with the marginal library of games, and play Zelda Breath of The Wild because I really like this game.



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