Delgado Community College Support Group on Facebook

By: Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder

If you ever have questions about anything Delgado-related and you can’t find the answer with any of the departments on campus, then this hidden gem of a Facebook group that recently showed up on my own Facebook news feed could be the answers to your questions.


According to the group’s Description page, the group was set up as a support group to help Delgado Community College (DCC) students with questions, problems, or just a place to share information about DCC. The group is not officially affiliated with DCC.

The group allows postings for the sale of books (and presumably for wanted/needed books as well.) Other sale items must be approved by one of the group Admins, Tyler Scheuermann, Mike Sharpe, Tania Carson, or Lauren Carson. There are a couple of rules, disclaimers, and other information listed in the Description section on the group’s Facebook page as well.

According to Facebook, the group has over 1,800 members.


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