Bailey Bryan Music

By: Jeannette Glen

From playing on the streets of Sequim, Washington, to the big screen, Bailey Bryan sure knows how to own it.  She has no problem telling the world of her intentions to do just that in her country song with a pop twang, “Own It,” in which she tells of owning her successes and her flaws, a challenge she readily accepts.

Her music is unique in that it reminds listeners of hip hop and pop but is still 100 percent country. Bailey’s fashion style is also one you don’t see every day since she chooses high-tops rather than the cliché of country boots.  Her motto seems to be, “Keep it Comfy.”

Bailey writes her own lyrics, and they are captivating. Her music can be described as lighthearted and fun. It’s uncanny how her music carries with it an unrestricted feel even when she’s talking about staying in a relationship. In her song, “ Hard Drive Home, “ she portrays someone who has broken up with her significant other, and as a listener, although she’s so cute I wanted to feel those emotions, I couldn’t help but feel free.  This artist is a musician that is hard not to love, and worth the listen to decide for yourself.


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