Tips for Tests!

By Thao Nguyen

Published March 8 2017

Midterm Exams is coming very soon and tests are always stressful. Below are some tips that you can apply to do better on your tests coming up.

  1. You need to know what you did well, and what you didn’t do well. So reviewing you previous quizzes and tests is very helpful as you can better prepare by filling out those knowledge gaps
  2. Arrive early for the test, unless you can’t. Arrive early so that you can relax, get a little rest so that you will have all the strength for the test. Also, it will help you to avoid panic. Prepares things that are needed for the test (pen, pencil, etc.)
  3. Stay relaxed and be confident. Many people could not stand the stress of the test, they go into panic mode. Panicking only make your performance worse as you cannot think straight.
  4. Read the instructions carefully. Many questions have quirks and hidden meaning. Avoid those by reading them carefully and take some time to think it thru.
  5. Study hard and spread out study time. Do not wait until the night before the test to put everything into your head. Spread it out as much as possible. The night before the test shouldn’t be anything but reviewing everything you have learned. Plan out a study strategy, maybe by chapter by chapter or topic by topic.
  6. Read the entire test or part of the test and plan out a strategy for answering order. Typically, the order would be from easier to harder, sometimes, clues are given in one question about another one.
  7. Review everything when and only when you have time for it. Go over and check for errors, those errors can be devastating since they are hard to be detected. Sometimes one word, a symbol, a number can ruin the entire solution of the question.

These are some tips that can improve your testing performance. However, there is no such magic strategy that can create better results immediately without the touch efforts over time.

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