Google Chrome Browser Issues On Delgado Wi-Fi Network

By: Leonard “Lenny” Vasbinder

Published March 8 2017

After coming back to school this semester, I had been having daily issues with my preferred browser, Google Chrome, working on the Delgado City Park wi-fi network.  It was primarily happening when using Google Chrome to connect with Google-owned websites like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube, and even trying to do a Google search.

Several other students were also having connection problems this semester so I started checking to see if it was a new network issue since they had made some changes with the new splash screen for the gateway routers (login page).  After several emails with the IT department, the IT network analyst met with me and we were able to identify a workaround by changing one of the Google Chrome default settings from Enabled to Disabled.

If you use Google Chrome as your browser while doing Google searches, using Gmail, YouTube, and other Google-owned websites, you may have had problems connecting or the pages would time out or get an error message.  If so, try this relatively easy workaround to make your internet connection work better.  According to Delgado’s IT department technician, Kendall J. Edwards, open your Chrome browser and type the following into the address field:


Change the setting from Default or Enabled to Disabled.  Close the Chrome browser, re-open Chrome and everything should be working fine for you again.  If you still have problems, clear out your browser cache.

2017-0220-SCREENSNIP OF GOOGLE CHROME WITH SETTINGS PAGE QUIC PROTOCOLAccording to a few tech websites, this issue seems to have popped up for many users back in 2015 after Google added the “Experimental QUIC protocol” to their browser, but it only affected users on certain networks with certain firewall settings.  Many users found that disabling the “Experimental QUIC protocol” would make Chrome work for them again.

Tech-minded readers can learn more about this issue and workaround at  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28195610/why-is-this-error-appearing-in-chrome-load-resource-neterr-quic-protocol-erro

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