365 reasons to succeed

By Christian Prevost

College students tend to have an abundance of cost, especially JR college students who mostly take care of bills and school.  Delgado community college takes one expense and throws it out the window in a sense.  All Delgado students have the option to have full access to Microsoft 365 applications.  The applications include Microsoft word, excel, power point, and more. This is all made possible through Delgado’s partnership with Microsoft outlook program, for the use of the student email.

Student can only gain free access to Microsoft 365 through the student email which is seemingly easy enough to do, but most students either don’t know how to log into the student email, or have never attempted to use the email.  The process of finding your username for your email is by first logging into your Lola account, once you’re in go to student resources and then update email info.  The page will clearly display your outlook email.  The last step in your email process of getting 365 is restarting or creating your password for your school email.  This part is pretty easy seeing as the Web page will automatically prompt you to change your password after months of being unused or first time use.  Once you’re in your email the hard part is over and your half way there just press the sliding and the 365 link will be waiting for you to click.

At 365’s home page it will display all the apps Microsoft has to offer, as a student you may only need to download Word and PowerPoint, but there are a great array of other options for you to chose from.  Like apps for business, design, math, science — there are options on top of options.  Once you pick the apps you feel you will need you download them to any one of your devices whether it is your tablet, computer, or smartphone. The apps being downloaded won’t be enough for you to use the apps alone that same user and password you used to gain access to your email is the same key you’ll need to have the ability to use your 365 apps.

Each app has the full running version of whatever program you decided to download with some added features.  One of the most prominent features is the cloud based storage which allows you to start and stop a document at any time. This works by your online profile being linked to every device that you use, so if your working on a project on your computer and then you have to take a long trip you can take any Internet enabled mobile device and continue the project.  The autosave function will prevent lots of past heartache from lost documents because the program will automatically keep track of your progress every 5 minutes of your work time. The quick sharing function makes it effortless to send your documents through email or even text messages. By just pressing one button you have a lot of options to make sure your project meets its deadlines. The could based storage allows for on the fly teamwork when working on a project as long as the document is being worked on at the same time as the will automatically appear as the other person is working on it.  365 has a gang of great features and for the price that Delgado allows its students to have access, there are no limits to their student’s success.


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