Valentine’s Day Celebration in Asian Traditions By: Thao Nguyen


Valentine’s Day Celebration in Asian Traditions

By: Thao Nguyen


People from cultures all over the world have different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Have you ever wondered how Asian people celebrate the day of love? Here’s a look at three Asian countries and Valentine’s Day.

  1. South Korea and Japan:

There are many similarities in the way people from South Korea and Japan celebrate Valentine’s. Women who live in South Korea and Japan are the gift givers to their loved ones. The gift is usually dark chocolate so that a month later, on March 14, White Valentine’s Day, men will give back white chocolate in return, with inexpensive chocolates given in a non-romantic situation with friends and family and higher-quality given to loved ones. Besides chocolate, flowers, candies and other gifts are also given.


  1. Vietnam and other countries:

Having been influenced by Western culture for decades, Vietnamese people and people from other Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia also celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb 14. On this day, men usually buy roses, chocolate or stuffed animals as presents for their beloved women and take them out to eat. The streets and restaurants are crowded that night when all couples go out. However, Valentine’s Day is not only just for couples but also for other people to express their love for family and friends.


  1. China:

Chinese people have their own Valentine’s Day called Qixi or Double Seventh Festival, celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month, July 7 of the Chinese calendar, and August 28 this year of the Western Calendar. According to a very old Chinese love story about a fairy lady and a mortal man, their love was prohibited and they were separated by the other gods. The 7th of the 7th month every year is the only day they have chance to see each other. On this day, people in some places still celebrate in very traditional ways, such as worshiping the weaver fairy, honoring oxen (typical gift to the gods) and even gazing at the sky to try to see the bridge for the couple made by flying blackbirds. However, modern Chinese couples just exchange gifts, flowers and fancy dinners.

Asian countries have celebrated a Day of Love before there was a St. Valentine, a kind-hearted Roman priest who married young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II and then beheaded for his deeds on the 14th of February. That day became Valentine’s Day for people to cherish their love.

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