4K Upgrade By: Christian Provost

4K Upgrade

By: Christian Provost


Tax season is upon us and stores are gearing up for the busy shopping season.  Shoppers tend to spend their tax refund on big ticket items ranging from new cars, designer clothes, trendy shoes, and loads of new tech.  One of the top tech items people buy during tax season is a television.  Stores have already started the process of making grand television displays to push the televisions retailers want to unload, once the first rounds of checks drop on February 28.  The best choice you can make for a television this year is a 4K TV.    Seeing as more 4K content is being made available.  Here are my top five 4K television brands.


  1. Philips 4K TV




Philips brand has been around for decades, but lost its popularity around the early 2000s when brands like Vizio came and took over the flat screen market. With Philips entering into the 4K market there is a true contender in the television market again.  Their entry level 4K TVs spec wise may leave you feeling like you’re buying a standard smart HD television, with its 60Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution.  The television gets its 4K resolution from its Pixel Plus HD feature, which gives the television a more realistic look than normal HD televisions.  The TV really shines with its Google cast function which allows you to broad cast Google apps directly to the television.  The only downside to this function is that its android heavy, so if you’re an apple user this function won’t have much use for you.  Philips 4K TVs start at $398 for a 50in and goes into the thousands.


  1. LG 4K TV



LG has been a house-hold name for appliances mostly, but LG never wavered in their television production.  Finally, after a few lackluster series of flat screen televisions the LG Company has been revived again.  LG’s 4K comes with its own OLED display which displays full UHD running at 2160 pixels with a 120Hz refresh rate you’ll get a great picture out of this TV.  The top feature of this TV is its webOS 3.0 which gives you a full version of a browser to surf the net as you please.  It’s not the fastest but it’s a great add on to a television.  LG 4K TVs start at $399 and extends into the thousands. But, due to low sales you can often find these TVs for a great clearance price.


  1. Sony 4K TV



Sony is a tech giant known for anything tech related whether it be camera, radios, TVs, and especially video game systems. Its popular Play Station line being one of the first things you think of when you hear the name Sony.  Sony hasn’t missed a beat in the markets and their line of 4K televisions keep up their success.  Sony runs in 2160 pixel with a refresh rate of 120Hz the scale tipper is Sony’s X1 processor chip which pushes the picture quality.  Sony’s 4K TVs comes with a full android installed giving people access to the appstore. The down side to Sony is that it doesn’t come cheap:  the starting price for a 43in TV being $599.99 and going into the thousand for larger TVs.


  1. Vizio 4K TV





Vizio has branched off to make a name for its self in the tech world, and that name is defiantly one of the top contenders in the world of television.  Vizio’s P-Series is the standard of what a 4K television should be, with 8.3 million pixels and a slogan of one of the most “lifelike detail and stunning clarity.” This TV is a sight for sore eyes. It’s also one of the only TVs to sport a 240Hz refresh rate so you’ll never miss a thing. Vizio used to support Google Cast, but they replaced it with their own version called Smart Cast which essential works the same as Google cast but is a tad bit friendly with apple, not by much but some is better than none.  The P-Series comes with a 7in tablet that takes the place of the remote which is a great addition.  The P-series isn’t Vizio’s entry level but the features are worth the price which isn’t bad.  You can pick these TV’s up for a thousand dollars and up, but if you shop around you can find a 60in starting at $800.


1, Samsung 4K TV



When you think 4K TV’s, Samsung should be one of the first TV’s that come to mind.  That’s because Samsung makes sure that no matter what store you go to you will see their best on display.  It’s for good reason simply the best.  Samsung throws megapixels out the window with its Quantum Dot Color which provides billions of color combinations, provides a display that’s almost like staring into a window.  That coupled a 240 supreme motion rate helps this TV look amazing.  The TV has Samsung’s versions of smart view which can be used with any device as long as you have the app.  Allowing you to broadcast anything you may have on your smart device.  The Samsung 4K TVs don’t come cheap but they are the right choice starting at $599 for a 43in and going in to the thousands these televisions will cost you, but be on the lookout for a 60in deal at your local stores for $598 this tax season.

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