The 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Student Guide Written by: Meghan Henoumont and Teamarious Williams

The 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Student Guide

Written by: Meghan Henoumont and Teamarious Williams




The signs began appearing over the last week. The sun greets you as you struggle to open your eyes, final exams are right around the corner and you’ve been trolling the Internet for a new pair of shades. School’s almost over! Go on and release that held-in breath and get ready to party: Jazz Fest 2016 is here! So, make a list of your must-see performers, search Pinterest for fest attire and check out this simple guide to prepare for your best-ever Jazz Fest experience.

  Devise your plan of attack:

  • Come up with a general plan of what acts you want to see on each day. This way you don’t miss a band you really want to see. Don’t worry about being overly rigid though, walk around and check out groups you’ve never heard of. Discovery is part of a good festival experience.
  • Establish a meet-up point. In case you and your posse get separated or want to check out different performances. We’ve included a pocket map to help with navigation and planning.

As the digital generation you should expect:

  • Poor cell phone reception. Every year the festival grounds are packed with thousands of music lovers. Your messages/calls will not always go through. Everyone is posting and texting about the fest.

Transportation: Biking and public transportation are the preferred methods of travel.

* The streetcar line has a stop in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

*Biking: A lot of streets leading to the Festival now feature dedicated bicycle routes

*You can drive. However, driving means tons of road closures and detours and parking can be sparse and costly, not to mention if you plan on drinking, driving is always a bad idea.

*You can get dropped off via taxi and the festival provides an area where cabs wait for people leaving. However, there are a lot of people waiting as well, prepare to battle if you go this route.

Don’t forget to

*Bring some cash to try all the amazing food, get your drink on and to score one of a kind art and mementos. They have ATMs though the fees tend to be high. You can find the ATMs on the fest map.

*Have an open mind. You will be surrounded by music fans from all over the country. People are going to talk to you and dance with you. Oh and be completely different from you. This is good.  Be prepared to meet tons of interesting people.

*Know ahead of time what you can and can’t bring into the festival, here is a list directly from the festival to make packing easier: http://www.nojazzfest.com/downloads/2016-prohibitions.pdf

Try to travel light! Bring only the essentials. Dancing in a crowd can get difficult if you have 30lbs on your back.

Fest packing check list:

_ ibuprofen (having a headache at a music festival=Purgatory)

_ sunglasses/sunscreen/bug spray

_ phone charger

_ raincoat or poncho

_ sweater

_ toilet paper (one member in the group should bring backup)

_ blanket or towel to take a break on

_ flashlight (trust us, useful for locating dropped belongings at the nighttime shows)

_ reusable grocery bag (for any items you buy)

_ water (you are allowed to bring in factory sealed water bottles)

_ cash


Get Ya Fest On: how to dress and stay cool.

By Teamarious Williams

Everyone wants to look good but keep in mind the amount of walking and dancing you’ll be doing. For festivals it’s always a good idea to layer, this way you can take clothing off if it gets warm and throw it back on if the temperature dips. It is spring here in the Deep South, so anticipate high humidity and wear loose unrestrictive layers.

As with any New Orleans music festival, costumes are not only acceptable but also preferred. Be original and have fun with it, just be sure you dress for comfort as well as theatrics. Ladies, leave those heels at home. You will regret it. Be sure and check the weather the morning of and come prepared.

lady’s Jazz Fest Outfits:

Maxi dresses are cute, comfy and basically natural air conditioning, just make sure you were cotton undies to keep your bottom from getting dusty.

If you want to show off your tanned legs, a shorter lightweight dress paired with brightly colored tennis will keep you feeling cool and looking cool.

For all the hardcore fest loving ladies, relive the 60’s in a lacy, gauzy top layered over a tank top with a pair of high-waisted jean shorts.

Men’s Jazz Fest Outfits:

A light windbreaker jacket with a hood will serve you well during the chilly night sets. Ditch the jeans and slip into some colored canvas shorts and a fitted tank top.

Sandals and flip flops might sound like a good idea in the NOLA heat, but consider that you’ll be on your feet all day and night, so choose sandals with some support that will lighten your load. Or change things up with a neon pair of kicks that will turn heads.

It’s all about the sunglasses: aviator frames look good on everyone and never go out of style. For good measure grab a fun printed backpack to lug around your crews chilling blanket.


Fest Safety:

Treat safety at Jazz fest the same as you would on a night out. Don’t drink or take anything given to you by someone you don’t know. Be mindful of your surroundings, especially if you leave the grounds at night. You’re still in New Orleans. Keep an eye on anyone in your group who’s had one too many drinks and most importantly: NEVER drink and drive. If it comes down to taking keys away from a friend, just do it. They’ll thank you in the morning. If you’re not capable of driving call a cab:

United Cabs Co: 504-522-9771

Checker-Yellow: 504-943-2411

White Fleet Cab Co: 504-822-3800


The Dolphin staff picks:

Meghan Henoumont

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Sunday 4/24-5 p.m.-Acura Stage

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of this year’s Jazz fest headliner’s The seven time Grammy award winners are releasing their 11th studio album sometime in May 2016, their first in five years. Since 1983, The Chili Peppers have wowed festival audiences with their blend of rock and funk with heavy punk and psychedelic influences.

Amanda Shaw- Sunday 4/42- 12:25 p.m.-Gentilly Stage

North Shore Louisiana native Amanda Shaw busted onto the mainstream scene in 2001 with her debut album, Little Black Dog. 3 albums later she shows no sign of slowing down. Blending bubbly pop, old school rock and traditional Cajun music she has smashed the walls between uncommon genres to become the best known fiddler in the states.

Teamarious Williams

Snoop Dogg- Saturday 4/30- 5:35 p.m.- Congo Square Stage

Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper and actor from Long Beach, California. Snoop dog is one of the most talented rappers in the business today and of all time. Snoop has sold over 21 million albums in the United States and 35 million albums worldwide. When it comes to Snoop Dogg’s music there is nothing boring or dated about it. Stop by and throw your hands in the air.

Big Freedia- Saturday 4/30- 2:20 p.m.- Congo Square Stage

Freddie Ross is an American musician best known by the stage name Big Freedia. Big Freedia was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, known for her crazy fast paced bounce music with very energetic backup girl/guy twerkers. Big Freedia is an international bounce star with a very hyper, fun and creative live performance.

Isadora Linheira

Preservation Hall Jazz Band- Saturday 4/30- 1:55 p.m.-Gentilly Stage


The name of the band derives from the Preservation Hall venue in New Orleans, located in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street and St. Peter Street. Needless to say, the band is known for performing traditional New Orleans-style Jazz. The band members have varied during the years since the founding of the hall in the early 1960’s. The band tours all around the world to show what New Orleans Jazz is all about, and they will make you dance.


Nick Jonas-Sunday 4/31- 5:25 p.m.- Gentilly Stage.


After becoming a huge success among teenagers along with his brothers in the The Jonas Brothers band, Nick Jonas introduced himself as a solo artist after the band’s break-up. His second album “Nick Jonas” is a critically-acclaimed album and includes double-platinum smash single and #1 U.S. radio hit, “Jealous” and his sultry second chart-climbing radio single, “Chains.”


Stefan Muro


J.Cole- Sunday 4/24- 5:45 p.m.- Congo square Stage


Rapper Jermaine Cole, 31, was born in West Germany and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. His unique style is inspired by greats such as Eminem, Tupac and especially Nas. Under Jay Z’s record label, Roc Nation, J.Cole released The Warm Up, Friday Night Lights, and hit albums Cole World: The Sideline Story and Born Sinner. Since then, his own label, Dreamville Records and Interscope Records have been responsible for his now platinum album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.


Motel Radio-Saturday 4/23- 3 p.m.- Lagniappe Stage


Since 2014, this New Orleans-based band plays a style of music derived from contemporary genres ranging from Americana to “Folk and Roll.” According to Live for Live Music’s Lauren Lola Victor, “Their love for music and connection to one another is evident by their performance. Their cohesion and enjoyment touched the crowd and raised the spirit and energy levels in the room.” They are currently touring their debut EP, Days and Nights along with their new hit single called Gimme Your Love.


Julie  Dedebant

Bonnie Raitt- Sunday 5/1 4 p.m.- Gentilly Stage

Raitt is a California native, Rock and Roll Hall of famer, master blues slide guitarist, singer and is showing no signs of slowing down. This year’s Jazz Fest here in New Orleans will be one of her stops for her “dig in deep 2016 tour.” If you have never seen Bonnie Raitt perform, make this the year you do.

Pearl Jam- Saturday 4/23 4:30 p.m.- Acura Stage

Pearl Jam is a band synonymous with the 90’s grunge movement that kick started an age of cultural and music changes still felt today. Formed in 1990, these guys have out lasted and out sold just about every contemporary rock group to date. Check them pout and a relive one of the greatest times in rock music’s history.

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