Making Sense of the Stars Part 3 By Jeannette Glen

making sense of the stars part 3



In the previous issues of Making Sense of the Stars we’ve defined astrology and covered the significance of our rising sign, sun sign and moon sign. We have discussed the houses, a little of their history, every element used in birth charts and also how to understand them a little better. In this last Issue we briefly talk a little more about the planets.

The sun which brings us light is said to rule our days and the moon which brings darkness rules over our nights. When we think about sunlight the key words are energy and desire. In the sunlight all things are possible. That’s what your sun sign represents. It represents who you are at your most inner and intimate levels. This your best self when you are at you’re most positive and productive. Your sun sign is asking you to remove the blindfold of who you think you should be and see who you really are. Your moon sign embodies the dark of night. This is your subconscious where all of your deepest fears, doubts and anxiety live. The moon is pure emotion. The moon is the part of you that is hidden and rarely gets shown to those you love. The mask that we use to hide our moon signs is referred to as our rising sign.

Each planet is symbolic and affects each of us on very different levels.  Here is a brief overview of what area of our lives are affected by the planets. Mercury rules the 3rd and 6th houses and is considered the planet of the mind and youth. Venus rules the 2nd and 7th houses and is considered the planet of love, pleasure and desire. Mars rules the 1st house and is the planet of defense, attack, bravery and fearlessness. Jupiter rules the 9th house and is the planet of abundance, growth and expanding. Saturn rules the tenth house and is the planet of old age, maturity and time. Uranus rules the 11th house and is the planet of individuality and personal freedom. Neptune rules the 12th house and is the planet of illusion (daydreaming etc. things that take us away to be what we dream of).  Pluto rules the 8th house and is the planet of rebirth and transformation. When we have trouble in any of these areas in life,  rest assured a planet is probably somewhere it shouldn’t be.

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