Astrology Fun Facts: Saturn return By Jeannette Glen

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Saturn Returns- This is a major event that basically means a pivotal point in our life is coming. Saturn return happens every 29.5 years. It lasts on average for about two to three years. It’s basically the universe’s way of giving us a second chance.

  • Things we should expect during our Saturn Return:
  1. THINGS CHANGE DRASTICALLY (feels almost like a crisis but it’s meant to push us along the path we should travel).
  2. This is the time to forgive those we haven’t forgiven.
  3. This is the time to do what we have dreamed of doing.
  4. This is the time for all positive changes.
  5. Note: the thing about Saturn return is, it’s going to change our lives whether we want it to or not. We can allow things to change with less resistance or resist it to the end but there’s a consequence to full blown resistance of your Saturn return and it may not be a chance you are willing to take.
  • Astrologers advice for handling Saturn’s Return include:
  1. Know what you can and cannot do. Let go of the accesses of our younger years.
  2. Be humble
  3. Help others (but again use discernment)
  4. Take responsibility for yourself (finances or lack thereof, actions, thoughts, feelings, responses to others etc.)
  5. Evaluate your communication levels and listening (process of maturing).
  6. Dig deep inside ourselves and go beyond our comfort zones to places of new action and new thought.
  7. Saturn rewards those who heed his warnings and depresses those who procrastinate. The last piece of advice is to keep moving during this period. Take Action
  • Saturn is not the only planet with a return
  1. Solar Return (the return of your sun)
  2. Lunar Return (the return of your moon) and so forth
  • Every return affects our lives in a different way
  • Every return has consequences of resistance
  • Saturn returns last the longest of all the returns and has the biggest and longer effects on our lives as a whole.



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