Opinion Editorial: Ignorance Isn’t Bliss By: By Reggie Nickerson

Opinion Editorial: Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

By Reggie Nickerson

Reggie Nickerson

Reggie Nickerson                                              

At the Super Bowl Feb. 7, Beyonce performed her new song “Formation.” She twirled on her haters and let everyone know that she liked her “baby heir with baby hair and afros,” while acknowledging icons such as Malcolm X, The Black Panthers, and Michael Jackson. Her performance contained a message about the senseless killing of African Americans by police officers, but some people didn’t get that message. Tomi Lahren (host of the show “The Blaze”), Rudy Giuliani (former New York mayor), Jesse Lee Peterson (radio talk show host), and Owen Benjamin (comedian of the show “Bar Rescue”) are a selective few that didn’t agree with Beyonce’s performance and criticized her tribute to the Black Panthers in particular.

Owen, Tomi, and Jesse said Beyonce’s tribute to the Black Panthers was like paying tribute to the KKK, a white supremacy group that uses hate crimes to promote white domination and refuses to accept equality among the races. This is not an accurate comparison. The Panthers had goals to improve black culture and fight for equality. Their organization fed and clothed children as well as homeless people, established free medical clinics, helped the homeless find housing, and assisted many black people with furthering their education.

Influenced by the Malcolm X theory of fighting fire with fire, the Black Panthers fought police brutality with violence. Some African Americans didn’t believe or want to be a part of Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights movement. They didn’t want to react to violent attacks with non-violent protest. The Panthers’ actions were meant to protect their culture and race, and to prevent white supremacists from committing genocide.

Rudy, Jesse, Owen, and Tampa officers believe that Beyonce’s performance was an attack against police because her dancers were dressed like Black Panther members. Not once did Beyonce say anything about attacking police officers but because of what her dancers were wearing, she was seen as anti-police. Maybe her singing the words “I slay” was seen as code for “attack the police.” Police officers in four states are refusing to provide security for her shows as a result of her Super Bowl performance. It’s interesting how Kid Rock performs with an enormous Confederate flag behind him and no one boycotts him.


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