Having a Party? (or not) — Buy These Portable Bluetooth Speakers. By: Christian Prevost

Having a Party? (or not) — Buy These Portable Bluetooth Speakers.

By: Christian Prevost

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere.  From people walking down the street, in backpacks, bathrooms, on desk, and may even be in your classroom.  You may have one in your hand as you read this article.  With all the different kinds of Bluetooth speakers, you might wonder which should I get? These are my top 5 choices for you.

  1. JAM HX-P920 Heavy Metal



The Heavy Metal has a great aluminum body.  The speaker has a good weight in your hand, with a sleek gray airbrushed metal design.  The speaker isn’t overtly loud but, the sound quality more than makes up for the lack of volume.  The crystal clear sound with the 8-hour battery life is where this speaker shines.  The microphone is a fun feature, but it picks up all background noise; so you’ll do better just using your phone to answer calls. The heavy metal is about the size of water bottle, so portability wise its great for grab and go. You will need to pack this in a bag or case to bring around. This speaker retails for about $99.95, but you can order them from “Amazon.com” for $57.00.

  1. JBL Flip 3



These speakers are some of the most fun on the list.  Sporting a rainbow of colors to choose from; theirs a flip3 for all walks of life.  The speakers are splashproof, which most of the other speakers are not.  This means if you wet the speakers, but don’t submerge them.  The ten hour battery life provides hours of listening fun.  It is loud and brings the base with the help of its dual external passive radiators.  One of its most useful features is JBL connect.  This feature allows you to connect multiple Flip3’s together providing a surrounding ecosystem of sound.  Caring the speaker is a breeze, it has strap that you can attach to a bag, belt hook, or hold with.  The JBL Flip 3 retails for $99.95, but you can order them from “quill.com” for $79.95.

  1. Beats Pill+


Beats have control in the sound market.  With their sleek design, sound, and base Beats are a great brand.  This speaker is no exception.  The design is thicker than the regular pill, but its this thickness that gives it such a great sound.  At full blast it can fill up a party with sound easy, and the base will really get thing moving.  The 12-hour battery life is one of the longest youll find around.  One of the cooler features on the speaker is the charge out; where you can plug your device into the speaker and charge your without the use of a wall outlet.  This speaker retails for $229.95, but you can pick them up at your closets Walmart for $199.99.

  1. Ue Boom 2


The Ue Boom 2 is a very unique speaker.  Sporting 360 speaker technology, its putting sound out on all angles.  The sound of these speakers are almost unbelievable.  Theses speakers have clarity mixed with strong base that’s not to over powering.  The design is a perfect bottle shape, so its easy to carry.  The metal clip it has makes easy to attach to anything to carry around. The 15-hour battery life is just amazing; giving the casual user days of battery life.  On of its greatest features, is that it can be immersed in water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes. The Ue Boom 2 retails for $199.95, but you can pick them up from Walmart for $167.34.

1Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II


The Bose Soundlink II is the best Bluetooth speaker; I have had the pleasure of listening to.  The surprise starts soon as you turn the device on.  This speakers tells you exactly what device you have connected through a function called text speak. I liked hearing Christian’s iPhone now connected, it’s a refreshing feature that I feel all Bluetooth devices should have. The sound was extremely clear even at high volumes.  The bass is unmatched, but I did notice that songs with overly high base tended to be lower in volume.  I read that this happens to keep the sound clear and undistorted.  The 10-hour battery life is a great complement to this master piece of a speaker.  The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II retails for $199.95.  Unfortunately, there are no deals on this speaker, but with sound like this who needs one.

Honorable Mention: Ion Tailgater Bluetooth iPA57



This power house party starter is the best.  The only reason its not truly on the list, is because not very portable. I have thrown many parties, with this speaker being the only device need to play music.  The speaker has 50-hours of battery life.  That will allow play this speaker non stop for two days on a single charge.  There’s a karaoke feature on it where you can plug two microphones to it and duel it out or sing a duet. The AM/FM radio allows for local music play if your doing a bad job a DJ’ing.  The sound and base phenomenal, this speaker being played in a park on full blast will make the cops come.  This speaker can be used for modest home use, but it was invented to get the party started. The Ion Tailgater retails for $149.87, but you can find this diamond in the rough for $84.95 at Amazon.com



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