Food Drive for The Single Stop Food Bank at Delgado By Isadora Linheira

Food Drive for The Single Stop Food Bank at Delgado
By Isadora Linheira

Did you know that Louisiana is ranked one of the top ten in the country for food insecurity? And within the state, New Orleans makes up 12 percent of hungry? Did you also know that in America 17 million children go to bed hungry every night, and 1 out of 6 people is affected hungry?
The statistics may scare you, and they should, hunger is a worldwide problem and there is no better to way to fight it, than starting locally. For that reason the Introduction to Social Welfare 153 Section 101 at Delgado Community College is having a food drive for The Single Stop Food Pantry.

Students may not know, but Delgado has its own food store, where students who may need help with groceries can have access to snacks, drinks and food in general for free. However, the food store needs to be restocked and the volunteers need your help to keep the store going strong and helping students in need.

The motivation of professor Geralyn Morrell is to show her students how social problems are part of our daily lives, and we can and should make a difference. We can start by helping our fellow struggling students.
“With your help we can feed needy students and families at Delgado Community College. This will allow them to remain in school. We are looking forward to your support” said professor Morrell.
The Introduction to Social Welfare class is stepping up and starting a food drive at Delgado Community College at City Park, where nonperishable items or cash donations will be collected. The dates for the food drive are February 29, 2016 to April 29, 2016. The donations will be collected at the W.I.S.E Women’s Center on Building one, second floor.
For further information contact professor Geralyn Morrell at 504-671-6325 or by email at gmorre@dcc.edu.
Spread the word and donate, you can start making the change with one single step!

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