WANTED: Retired or Playing: What’s Next for Peyton Manning? Written by: Stefan Muro

WANTED: Retired or Playing: What’s Next for Peyton Manning?

Written by: Stefan Muro



As the football community already knows, the Denver Broncos defense stunned the Carolina Panthers and their Cinderella season with a 24-10 final score in Super Bowl 50. Now that the Mardi Gras and Super Bowl victory parades have passed, the NFL offseason is officially here. The main topic among football fans is the future of New Orleans native and Broncos’ superstar quarterback, Peyton Manning.


At 39 years old, “The Sheriff” is the oldest starting player in NFL history to win a Super Bowl and is also the first starting quarterback to do it with multiple teams. Despite of injury, his 2,249 yards, 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions, entering Super Bowl 50, are the lowest numbers of his 17-year career. Ironically, Peyton became the season high passer in NFL history by recording 5,477 yards, 55 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in the same season as the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 48 rout of his Broncos. Unlike that dreadful game 2 years ago, Von Miller and the Broncos’ defense are healthier and stronger than ever.


After a long career of dissecting opposing defenses and carrying his own, it was only fitting to see the Broncos’ top ranked defense carry him through what many hope to be his final rodeo. He completed 13 of 23 passes that only went for 141 yards and an interception. At the very least, Manning did his job and won the field position battle for his team. It was linebacker, Von Miller with the spectacular MVP performance with 5 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. His efforts magnified Denver’s squad to prevent the league’s highest scoring offense, in Carolina, to only 10 points. Without that kind of defensive presence, it would have been a repeat of Super Bowl 48. Football fans can only assume at this point that it is the end but nobody says its over unless “The Sheriff” says its over.


In the post game Vince Lombardi Trophy Presentation, CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, asked Peyton whether or not he was retiring. He responded that he wouldn’t make “an emotional decision,” as advised by his last Super Bowl head winning coach in Indianapolis, Tony Dungy. He continued to explain to the public that it was an emotional week and all he wanted to do is “kiss his wife and children and drink a whole lot of Budweiser.” Since that Sunday night, he has kept quiet about his future and it has left everyone wondering. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, told Ellen DeGeneres, “He still has the physical ability and the mental ability to go out there and be great, so I still think he’s got a little bit left in him.” Some say that he won’t retire from the NFL as a whole but it will be the end of his playing days. ESPN analyst and former Colts team president Bill Polian told the IndyStar in Nov. that Manning could “ (become a) GM immediately because he is a football nerd and that’s exactly what the job takes.” Tony Dungy also told the IndyStar that “I think he could be a coach at any level…I think he could be a GM. I think he could go into broadcasting. I think people are going to be clamoring to get him after he’s done.” There are many directions Peyton can go in 2016.


We will know more about his next move before March 9. If he remains on the Denver Broncos active roster, he is owed $19 million for the upcoming 2016-2017 campaign.















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