Quick Look at Campus Food Choices By Jeannette Glen

Quick Look at Campus Food Choices

By Jeannette Glen

Photo by: Jeannette Glen

                Photo by: Jeannette Glen

New and returning students may not be aware of the food choices offered at here at Delgado. Einstein Bagels, located in Building One, and The Snack Shack, located downstairs, past the Bursars office in Building Two, are both operated by the same owner, Candice Linville.

Einsteins Bagel’s menu features:  artisan flatbread pizzas for $6, Asiago bagels, both plain and cream cheese, ranging from $1.75-2.75, fruit cups for $3.75, roasted veggie tostinis for $6, buffalo chicken sandwiches for $6 and more. The Snack Shack’s menu consists of food items such as: meat pie $2.75, chicken tender basket with fries $6.25, hamburger $3.75, fruit cup 2.50, breakfast plain and sausage biscuit $1-1.50, parfaits $2.50-3.25 and more.  Einstein’s is open Monday through Thursday 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Fridays it closes at 1p.m. The Snack Shack is open Monday through Thursday 9a.m. to 3p.m. and closes at 1p.m. on Fridays.

Burts Café and Catering, located in Building 23, offers sandwich and wrap meals, salads and more. The po-boys and wraps range from $4-6 dollars. For a total of $7 students can get a meal, which includes chips and a drink.  Salad prices begin at $5. They also offer seasonal cakes (king cake), brownies, fruit cups and bread pudding.

The Delgado book store is located across from the Einstein bagels. They sell single sized pepperoni pizzas for $1.09, hot dogs $1.99, burritos $2.95 and nachos for $1.99. Usually the book store sells the same food items for less than the vending machines, and you can check out the fat grams and carbs on the labels.

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