“Chelsea does” it right with new Netflix docu-series

Written by: Peter Howard

She’s baaack!  Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix series, Chelsea Does, premiered on the streaming service on Jan. 23.  This is her first project since leaving her wildly successful show on the E! Network and it is impressive.  In the four part docu-series, Handler takes on marriage, the tech world and Silicon Valley, racism, and drugs.  Each episode contains a dinner party with Chelsea and a group of her celebrity friends, one on one interviews, and entertaining situations that only Chelsea could find herself in (there’s a trip to Peru to drink Ayahuasca and a sit in on a tech class for grade school students where she is definitely the dunce).

All four episodes are unequivocally Handler.  Her irreverent humor and acerbic wit help her navigate each topic with both cynicism and respect.  Her classic deadpan look and booze-rasped voice are part of what brings the humor to her interviews with some serious subjects ranging from the Rev. Al Sharpton, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, and former drug addicts just to name a few.

If you were a fan of Chelsea Lately, don’t expect the exact same shenanigans.  Handler is determined with this ambitious series to leave her vapid, celebrity gossip past behind and tackle actual issues from her warped, drunken point of view.  Binge watch Chelsea Does and her stand-up special, Uganda Be Kidding Me, today on Netflix!

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