Plug-in and Tune-out: November edition

By Meghan Henoumont


Instead of putting on the same dry-as-week-old turkey tunes at your holiday get together, reach for some of the best albums to drop in Nov. In this edition we have new music from Grimes, Lettuce, Warm Brains, and Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder.


“Art Angels”
Electropop queen Grimes released her fourth and latest album “Art Angeles” on Nov. 6. “Art Angels“ is a home-produced connection that airs on the lighter side versus her last three albums. Many reviewers have pointed out that Grimes seems to have “caved-in” to mainstream demand with “Art Angels.” Well, if this is what the populace wants, maybe people are finally developing good taste in music. It’s not a cave-in, so much as, a blast-off. Grimes has taken modern pop music and given it a thorough and much needed upgrade. Electropop is a new but rapidly expanding genre, much like a newly created universe. Heavy synth, slick hooks and pretty darn good lyrics, while at times cloyingly sweet, “Art Angels” is addictive, danceable, and brash. Outer space never sounded so good.



Warm Brains
“Big Wow”
Warm Brains has quickly become a band with a cult following, and this album gives ample explanation as to why. Warm Brains’ sound is psychedelic tinged lo-fi complete with bizarre lyrics and off-kilter vocals. Listening to “Big Wow” is a lot like playing hide-and-go-seek in a field of mushrooms. It’s a strange and exhilarating experience not to be missed.




If there is a modern western film set in a very urban Boston, “Crush”, would be the soundtrack. No country fried tunes here though: hip-hop inspired atmospheric music that will have your head unwittingly bopping along the whole time. Billed as a “Boston-via-Brooklyn jam band,” Lettuce has been around for nearly two decades and has become a favorite at festivals around the country. Based on the dusty trip-hop sound of “Crush,” it’s safe to say, Lettuce has finally found their groove, and aren’t going anywhere.





Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder
“Indie 500”
Underground rap heavyweights Talib Kweli, Brooklyn rapper and Black Star/Reflection Eternal member, and 9th Wonder, the North Carolina producer, have teamed up for their album “Indie 500.” Both Kweli and Wonder have remained incredibly important to the underground rap scene for their uncompromisingly honest lyrics and unique styles. “Indie 500” is more like a mix-tape than a traditional album. Each track sounds completely different and both guys aren’t on every song. The album features a multitude of talented guests such as Pharoahe Monch, Atmosphere’s Slug, Brother Ali, Problem, Planet Asia and Bad Lucc, This album has so much style and substance it’d hard to stop listening to it; perfect for long car rides and deep self-reflection.



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