Hot Toys 2015 List

By La’Donna Bryer


Every year parents try to find that one hot new toy for Christmas for their kids, so they can wake up on Christmas morning and see the “WOW” in their eyes.


In past years it has been Elmo Live, Nintendo Wii, and Leapfrog Leap Pad Explorer Tablets. What is the must have toys for 2015?

Below are the top 10 gifts you can get your kids for Christmas.



10. Playsets – kids love to dress up when they’re by themselves or playing with friends.

9. Standing Easel

8. Accessories

7. Scooter, skateboards, power wheels, bikes

6. Dolls

5. Educational toys

4. Pets

3. Basketball Goals

2. Gift Cards

1. Video games / X-box 1 / PS4

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