Dressing for winter on a budget

By Teamarious Williams


Yes, it gets cold in New Orleans in the winter. But that’s no reason to stay indoors – just gear up right and make the most of the fresh white season. When temperatures drop, make sure you’re outfitted for winter without ruining your budget. What you’ll need depends on what’s already in your closet and if not, Noels Consignment has the perfect winter pieces. Winter fashions can be an awesome experience with the right mix of layers. When it’s really, really cold outside, sometimes even the items in your wardrobe that you always depend on (everything from ripped jeans to cashmere sweaters) no longer cut it. This is when you have to find creative ways to layer under your clothes that no one will notice. If you’re in need of some brand new winter gear but your family is pinching pennies, you don’t have to freeze this year. With these tips, you can prepare for the winter without spending your entire paycheck. Also you can get these simple sexy winter looks, at your local business at Noels Consignment located in Kenner, just 10 minutes outside of New Orleans. Noels Consignment sells the latest labels at an affordable price for those on a budget. Here below are some affordable fashionable winter looks that can be purchased at Noels Consignment.

Here we have Model Roosevelt Nunnery wearing the hottest winter trend in men’s fashion, which is a solid black vintage short Pea Coat with a navy blue, long sleeve collared shirt, and some dark navy blue jeans. This look is perfect for any outdoor activity.
Pea Coat $40
Blue collared long sleeve shirt $19.99
Dark navy blue jeans $25
With this look you will spend under $100 and still have spending money.


winter dude


Ladies: Are you headed out to an evening social event and still seem confused on what to wear while on budget? Well look no more, cocktail dresses are very popular in the wintertime and can be dressed up with any type of sexy coat. Here we have model Raja-ne’ Morris wearing a fashionable little black cocktail dress with a khaki lapel double-breasted trench coat. This look is perfect for any winter event. This trench coat can be purchased at Noels Consignment for only $39.99. The Scala wool floppy hat is priced at $19.99. Last but not least; the little sexy black dress is priced at $25 Noels Consignment is perfect for your budget with the best fashionable needs. Noels Consignment is located at 2738 Augusta St. Kenner, La 70062 and can be reached at 504-284-0175. Noels Consignment is open Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m.


winter chick

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