Strive Nola: A new departure in life

By Jamila Cherif



Giving back hope and finding a place in society, those are the feelings which procure the job readiness program. Strive Nola is part of the city’s Network for Economic Opportunity initiative. In response to a 2013 report by Loyola University that realized the joblessness of more than a half of working-age black men in New Orleans, the initiative of helping was taking in consideration last year.

The program offers conventional job-seeking tips about resume preparation and self-presentation, and more personal management. Some of the participants have been committers of, witnesses to or victims of crimes, and others spent years demoralized.

Though Wells Fargo granted the training program with a fund of $500,000, the graduates are not guaranteed jobs. However, they will be assisted for two years by the workforce case managers and other supportive service providers. Trainees said the program was such a big help which allowed them to be confident, compared to when they just started it. New Strive classes are planned every six weeks.20151127_144805

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