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By Mitch Cota




In this issue I hope to bring you information that many may not be aware of and that is available to you as a veteran here on DCC campus. It also contains data from Washington, DC concerning veteran’s issues.
Veterans Upward Bound (VUB)(http://www.dcc.edu/student-services/advising/veterans-affairs/upwardbound.aspx)
On the VUB page on Delgado Community College’s website you will find the information concerning eligibility and courses provided by this program.

◆ Is a FREE educational program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to assist eligible veterans
◆ Serves veterans in Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. John and Terrebonne parishes.
◆ Is open to all veterans and does not discriminate on basis of age, race, gender or creed.
◆ Limits enrollment to allow time for personalized instruction.
◆ Offers classes at night or on weekend to accommodate students who may be employed.
◆ Provides non-credit refresher courses, tutoring, career, financial aid and enrollment counseling.

Staff and Office Information:
City Park Campus
Student Service Building (Bldg. 2)
Room 204
615 City Park Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70119
Fax: 504-483-1857

Mark Simms – Director
Email: msimms@dcc.edu
Phone: 504-671-5390

Nichole Nagin – Coordinator/Counselor
Email: nnagin@dcc.edu
Phone: 504-671-5390

Faye Godfrey – Administrative Assistant
Email: hgodfr@ddc.edu
Phone: 504-671-5392/5606

Veterans of Foreign Wars Action Corp. October 16, 2015 issue:
The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Action Corp Weekly is published from information acquired in Washington, DC by the VFW Legislature Office. This branch of the VFW gathers facts from all congressional committees concerning veteran’s rights, benefits, and issues being discussed on Capital Hill.

If you are a veteran or someone who would like to sign up as a new veteran’s advocate, please go to this website: http://capwiz.com/vfw/mlm/signup.htm.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Action Corp. October 16, 2015 issue:
COLA in 2016; Higher Part B Premiums Possible: The government announced this week that there will be no cost-of-living (COLA) adjustment next year for millions of military and federal civilian retirees, Social Security recipients, and veterans and survivors receiving Department of Veterans Affairs checks. COLA increases are tied to the Consumer Price Index, which has been flat due to low gasoline prices. Even so, some Medicare Part B enrollees — those who delayed receiving Social Security and those who aren’t eligible — could see their premiums increased by more than half, from the basic $105 per person per month to $159. Higher earners would pay more. A White House spokesman acknowledged that the potential premium increase was an unintended consequence resulting from calculating COLA adjustments. There have been Part B premium increases in the past, but a 52-percent increase in one year is unprecedented. Congress is working to prevent this from happening.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Action Corp. October 16, 2015 issue:
VA Launches Mobile App to Answer General Benefits Questions: VA has launched “311 Vet,” which allows veterans to ask questions regarding VA benefits through a mobile app or text messages. If a veteran’s question is in VA’s database, the answer will appear instantly. Questions not in VA’s database are routed to benefits specialists, who VA says will respond within minutes. For more information, visit: http://www.311vet.com/.

If you have any questions please contact me at mitchellcota@dcc.edu or mitchcota@mitchcota.com.

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