The DCC Blues

By KiEricka Hart






If you’ve gone through registration, then you’re probably familiar with what I like to call the Delgado Run-Around. In 2013, my first semester at Delgado, I stood in a line for nearly four hours just to be told I needed to stand in another line for Financial Assistance. I stood in this line for an additional hour only to be told, I would need to pay my own tuition…because my Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) wouldn’t come in on time. Oh, and did I mention I had until 7 p.m. that same day to pay almost $650 that I didn’t have.

After that drama was over, I sat down with my counselor who planned the perfect schedule, or so I thought. Upon arriving at my math class, I realized I had already taken it the previous year when it was numbered 118. This math class threw my whole schedule off, with a two-hour gap between it and my other classes. As if this wasn’t enough added stress, my math teacher was difficult to understand, meaning I was always confused. Never again: I vowed to be prepared for next semester.


Flash forward to January, while everyone was enjoying their winter break I got to work, starting with my FAFSA, which wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, since you only have to update information that has changed since last semester.


Here’s what I recommend:

• If you need help with the FAFSA you can get it in Building 2, in the second floor computer lab on Tuesday and Thursday for free.
• Learn from my DCC blues: always do your FASFA as early as possible.
• Check in frequently on your application.
• Learn how to utilize the financial aid tabs on LOLA; you’ll need to know how to use them to check on your refund.
After slamming that out, the next step was to choose the perfect class schedule. Here’s what I recommend:
• Outside your counselor’s office there is a guide to what classes you should take for your major.
• Highlight your classes by semester, so you know what you need to take and what you don’t.
• Put the grade from each class on the side of your schedule, and save them. This way, when you’re in your last semester, you can physically see your educational journey.
• Register online to avoid waiting in lines for five hours.
• Be sure you schedule classes early to ensure you get the prime picks of required classes at times that will work with your schedule.

Now that you’ve heard my tale, take my advice, use these tips and avoid The DCC BLUES.

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