Plug-In and Tune-Out: The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Edition

By Meghan Henoumont



If you’re having trouble deciding which acts to see at this year’s Voodoo Music + Arts Experience we have you covered. In this issue we’ll explore albums that dropped this year, from some of our favorite 2015 festival performers. So get your ticket, pick out your costume, put those headphones on and plug-in and tune-out.

Joey Bada$$
B4. DA.$$
Pronounced before da money, this album was one of the most anticipated rap albums to drop this year. After nearly three years since his last album, hip-hop wunderkind Joey Bada$$, blazed back onto the scene with his signature 90s inspired style. What sets this album apart from his debut album, 1999, is the level of sophistication in the beats. The 20 year-old Brooklyn native has taken a cue from hip-hop’s golden age and relies on smooth piano-laden melodies and home-studio style drums to capture his gritty rhymes. Though his style is retro-inspired, it feels relevant and modern.



The Social Experiment
If you’ve never heard of this bohemian-super-group comprised of Donnie Trumpet, Chance The Rapper, Peter Cottontale, Greg Landfair Jr. and Nate Fox, stop whatever you’re doing and put this on, now. Surf is by far the most accessible album for listeners of any genre to experimental music. To describe this album, you first need to imagine a world were genres of music live and breath. In this world acid rap and its lover neo soul went out one night, had one too many drinks and had a baby they named Surf. This album is nothing less than a musical triumph: Mixed in a way where multiple instruments of both the analog and digital world blend seamless and fold over voices to transport the listener to a world far from our own.



Living Life Golden
Ellinor Miranda Salome Olovsdotter, better known as her stage name Elliphant, is doing something different then anyone else currently billed as popular music. Elliphant is a Swedish singer, songwriter and rapper whose latest album Living Life Golden is destined to be remixed by all the DJ heavyweights in the EDM and deep house scene. Her music is a collage of musical imprints spanning across the 1970s and beyond from Swedish and world culture. Elliphant possess a voice as powerful as a Nordic warrior and talent in spades: from creating her own beats and lyrics, to the stunning collaborations with DJ’s like Skrillex. Living Life Golden is announcing the arrival of a powerful force onto the popular music scene, a much needed injection of reality and talent.



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