Plug-In and Tune-Out: The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Edition Part II

By Meghan Henoumont


Are you still getting pumped about the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience at the end of this month? Us too, that’s why we’ve included a second part of Voodoo artist reviews to include a few more standout acts from this year’s line-up. So take a breath, kickback, plug-in and tune-out.



Ruby Amanfu
Standing Still

Veteran singer-songwriter Ruby Amanfu released her latest album, Standing Still, on Aug. 28 of this year. Recorded in a secluded cabin in Tennessee over only five days, this album is both a study of intimacy and a historical tour of nearly a century of music. Covering everyone from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan to Kayne West, this Ghana-born soul crooner makes each song sound like her own. Amanfu strips down modern ballads like Kayne West’s “Streetlights” to the bare bones of the song forcing the vocals, lyrics, and her six-piece backing band to stand on their own. You won’t find auto-tuned vocals on these tracks, no need, using only her voice, Amanfu isolates each song in it’s own cabin. If you have a chance to see her at this year’s fest, bring a blanket to sprawl out on and someone to make-out with.





Django Django
Born Under Saturn

Have you ever wondered what Pink Floyd would have sounded like if they’d formed in the 2000’s? Here’s your answer: Django Django. Hailing from London England, this art rock quartet consists of David Maclean (drummer and producer), Vincent Neff (singer and guitarist), Jimmy Dixon (bassist), and Tommy Grace (synthesizer operator). They met at art school in 2009 and have been busy ever since performing CPR on the stale psychedelic music genre. Born Under Saturn, released in May 2015, is the band’s second album to date and a remarkable achievement for the experimental rock scene. This album crossbreeds several genre’s to make a genre of its own. Born Under Saturn utilizes deep house synth, swaying Jamaican keyboard rhythms and lushly layered vocals to evoke strikingly different tracks that are more reminiscent of a mix tape than an album. Watch them live at Voodoo and get beamed to a different plane of existence.



Pagans in Vegas

Indie-rock O.G’s Metric released their sixth-studio album, Pagans in Vegas, on Sept. 18. This album is like a battle of a musician’s morals: analog vs digital. While the album starts off with shoe-grazer guitar riffs and dreamy rolling drums, like most early Metric albums, it slowly evolves into a synth heavy ode to the beginnings of electronic music, a smoky disco. Metric is known for energetic live performances, and that’s their folky stuff, no doubt their performance of Pagans in Vegas will pack a spark strong enough to set the fest grounds on fire.



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