Are you down for a trip to Europe?

By Jamila Cherif


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If you like traveling and have always been curious about European cultures and languages, I think you should check out the trip to France and Spain scheduled for May. According to Ms. Shawnte Lofton, French instructor at Delgado Community College, the purpose of this trip is to encourage students interested in the cultures and languages of France and Spain. They will be touring Paris, Arles, Avignon, Barcelona, and Madrid. Lofton will also have information sessions about the various places they are going to visit before they leave. Those sessions are available to anyone interested in learning more about France and Spain, even if they don’t plan on traveling with the group. Thus, the trip is open to Delgado faculty, staff and students who are at least 18 years or older, in the Greater New Orleans Community.

The trip is 10 to 12 days, depending on whether everybody agrees to participate in the two days extension to Madrid. To enroll, you can visit the tour website, www.efcst.com/1745160CV, and then click “enroll now,” or you may also enroll by phone at 877-485-4184. The deadline to register is November 1, but there may still be an extension until December 1, with additional fees. You can either make manual payments or sign up for the automatic payment plan to finish paying the remainder of your balance. The trip already includes many excursions, but you have the options of purchasing additional ones to Versailles, the Dali Museum, a Flamenco dinner in Barcelona, and the two days extension to Madrid and Toledo. The price for someone under 30 with no additional excursions is $3,370. The price for someone 30 and older with no additional excursions is $3,610. Moreover, the trip price includes air fare, the hotel cost, breakfast and some additional meals, transportation and entrance to all of the places visited.

Asked about the plans, Lofton said in France and Spain, they will visit several different places in each city. A tour guide will be with the group at every location indicated in the itinerary, explaining the historical and cultural significance of the places visited. On free days, they may either go on an additional excursion with the tour guide, or they can choose to visit a different place with others in the group. ‘’In the past, I have led students on excursions on free days as well,’’ Lofton said.

Going on this trip is an adventure. If you are someone who cannot participate in a semester long study abroad program because of work or family obligations, this would be the ideal experience. It is also a good trip for someone who is not fluent or has never studied a foreign language. ‘’The tour guides and professors speak the languages of these countries we’re visiting, so students have a comfort zone that someone visiting a foreign country wouldn’t have if they chose to travel alone,’’ Lofton said. Overall, this trip is educational and easily accessible to foreign language learners, so don’t miss out.

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