Q/A with your City Park SGA Pres. Trineishia Noble

By La’Donna Bryer


Hi Students, welcome to the 2015 fall semester! Hope you’re getting back into the swing of things. Did you know that you can make a difference on campus by getting involved with your student government? Are you wondering how you can go about that? I was able to sit down with Trineishia Noble, president of Student Government
Association at Delgado City Park campus, to ask questions on goals she wanted to get accomplished for this fall.

La’Donna: What are your plans for this fall semester?

Trineishia Noble: My plan for this fall semester is to get my campus beautification project up and running…I would like to have a campus mural created where students can get involved and show their Dolphin pride.

La’Donna: How can students get involved with SGA? What are the requirements?

Trineishia: There are two ways students can get involved with SGA. The first way is to become a volunteer. If a student does not have much time in their schedule, they can stop by the SGA office to get a copy of our upcoming events and choose the one they would like to be a part of. The second way is to become a senator. A student who is seeking to become a senator must have at least a 2.0 grade point average, and must attend all planned meeting and events.

La’Donna: Why did you join SGA?

Trineishia: I joined SGA because I love planning events, volunteering, and helping my fellow students get involved and help them find the necessary resources that they need around campus.

La’Donna : How can students reach you for more information about SGA?

Trineishia: They can visit me in the SGA office, Monday-Thursday between 10-2. In addition, if I’m not in the office you can visit my team members and they can assist you.

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