Plug-in and Tune-out: A few of the best albums from 2015

By Meghan Henoumont







Here are a few of the best albums from 2015. If you haven’t had a chance to give any of these a listen yet, it’s about time. So kickback, put your headphones on, plug-in and tune-out.

Jamie XX- In Colour: In Colour marks beloved music producer Jamie Smith’s, better known as Jamie XX, first full-length album. In this album Smith explores the process of memory through vast minimalist spaces imprinted with surreal touches of beautiful voices and layered instrumental sampling. This album is a truly unique edition to the rapidly changing electronica soundscape.




Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly: One of the most important works in recent hip-hop history that so happens to also be an utter blast to listen to. At the heart of this album, Lamar is exposing the contradictions of a brutal system that employs Institutionalization and fictional drug wars in day-to-day life. This album has amazing lyrics and some of the freshest beats heard in a quite a long time.

Tama Impala – Currents: In the tradition of great psychedelic music, expect to be transported to a strangely pleasurable altered state brought on by complexly layered bass lines, off-kilter guitars, and echoing vocals. This is Tama Impala’s third album to date and the dreamy band shows no
interest in slowing down. Though the music is similar to their past albums, these tracks tackle a whole new level of sophistication.




Vince Staples – Summertime ‘06: This isn’t one of the most talked about rap albums of the year, but it should be. This is music that’s at once uncomfortable, but at the same time as down home as it gets. Fitting, considering the basic theme behind this album is Staples’ unconventional, and pretty rough upbringing: a 60-minute triumph from a superbly talented lyrist.




Haiku Salut – Etch and Etch Deep: Made-up of multi-instrumentalists Gemma and Sophie Bakerwood and Louise Croft, this album explores electronica that glimmers and glows as if it’s from a different world: a world inside a world. This sleeper album appeared as if from nowhere and seems to enchant every music reviewer that hears it. Put this on and let yourself be swept away.



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