Looking for your “inner you’’

By Jamila Cherif


During your senior year in high school you are usually very excited to finish and finally go to college where you think you are grounded enough to do everything that you want to. You convince your parents that you can live by yourself because you want the freedom to fully experience life. But, are you really prepared to deal with that?

During the two first years you may feel lost with all the choices you have to make about your future career. You have to make the right decisions, ask for advice, and do your own research to see if it corresponds to who you are looking to become later in life. If you don’t precisely know what major you’re going to choose, don’t freak out! Here comes the importance of general studies major where you can take all your basic classes such as math, English, science, etc.

However, don’t waste time, and always try to picture yourself in a career (i.e. long term) that you pick. When you have the occasion, talk to people who are already in that field. It so happens that students sometime drop their majors after two years or more, realizing that they can’t imagine themselves as a nurse or engineer, for example. Also, some people may have always wanted to be an artist or musician, but it doesn’t work out for them. They may not be that talented and in that case, they have to be positive by accepting there are a lot of other things they can be good at.

One important way of selecting a major today is to analyze whether you just like the job it leads to or if it’s a flourishing sector. You may like something that can’t cover your lifestyle’s expenses, so what would you do? It’s better to be practical rather than emotional, and even better to balance what you love with what will pay your bills.

You care about college, but it doesn’t make sense to wake up every day, show up in class and just waste money. Because you have goals and you are devoted and thirsty for success, don’t let anybody divert or discourage you. If others succeed, tell yourself that you can do it too and don’t underestimate your capacities. Nothing is easy in life, so don’t give up!

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