2015 VMA’s: Keeping up with Mr. West for President

(Disclaimer: The following is a humorous treatment of the 2015 MTV Music Awards..)


By Isadora Linheira




The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) aired on Aug. 30. Even though the importance of music and the work behind every successful music video is considered, the award show is known for the beef between pop divas, famous artists and so on. The VMA’s has an extended list of shocking events, from Britney Spears and Madonna kissing onstage to Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift while she was receiving her award for Best Female Video in 2009.

The VMA’s this year lived up to everybody’s expectations, first with Ms. Swift surprising the crowd by sharing the stage with Nicki Minaj – after they debated about racial feminism on Twitter. Then Ms. Minaj accepted her award for Best Hip-Hop video by calling out the hostess of the event, Miley Cyrus, for bashing her during an interview. Ms. Cyrus blamed it on the press, accusing the magazine “Marie Claire” of twisting her words about Minaj; however, Minaj didn’t seem to accept the apology.

One may think this is just a lot of shades being thrown for just one event, considering the hostess was Miley Cyrus and there’s a lot of crazy in there already. Then add in the emotional performance with Justin Bieber, who was brought to tears performing after a two-and-a-half year hiatus. But the answer is: too much is never enough drama at the VMA’s. Two words: Kanye West. West accepted the honor award of the night, the Video Vanguard Award. After a heart-felt video about the impact of Mr. West’s work in the music industry, Ms. Swift got on stage to announce Mr. West. At this point we thought MTV had played the most successful marketing twist of all times, but we should’ve known better.

Ms. Swift spoke about the importance of Kanye West’s work and how his album was the first one that she and her little brother bought together. Ms. Swift also made sure everyone knew that despite what happened in 2009, she and Mr. West are friends now. Some jokes and references such as “Imma let you finish” were thrown in the mix. Kanye West gets up, kisses his wife Kim Kardashian and goes up on stage while the audience applauds him. After 106 seconds of extreme silence from Mr. West and continuous applause and screams from the audience, Mr. West started his speech, which started with “Bro. Bro. Listen to the kids.”

Mr. West rambled for 15 minutes about his actions, the music industry, about the fact that he had indeed used drugs before the event, and about how his actions in the 2009 VMA’s affected artists forever. But somehow everything got more intense when Mr. West decided to be honest about his opinion about MTV and music awards. “You know how many times MTV ran that footage again, because it got them more ratings? You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award? Because it got them more ratings?” Kanye said.

As awkward as that was, he wasn’t done just yet. Mr. West continued by bashing music videos, which he said diminishes the importance of artistic work.

“I still don’t understand awards shows. I don’t understand how they get five people who work their entire life, one sold records, sold concert tickets, to come, stand on a carpet, and for the first time in their life be judged on the chopping block and have the opportunity to be considered a loser. I don’t understand it, bro. I don’t understand when the biggest album or the biggest video—I don’t understand it, bro. I just wanted people to like me more.”

His rant showed no sign of ending, he continued on pulling out contradiction after contradiction: award shows shouldn’t be the definition of what good music/good production is or is not. Next, social media took a hit, of course not making much sense, “We’re not gonna control our kids with brands…,” this from a guy whose 2 year-old daughter dresses in Balmain and his own brand Yeezus. You must think the speech would be over after a mix of some truth, drama, and some nonsense proffered by Mr. West’s confused state of mind, but it wasn’t. He saved the best for last.

“…And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president”.

Even Miley Cyrus commented that Trump had been her pick but now she was going for Kanye. While few would take Ms. Cyrus’s voting choice seriously or with much thought, most people are hoping Mr. West’s statement was just a publicity stunt and not real. Since Mr. Kanye hasn’t spoken about it since, the truth is a mystery. Meanwhile on the internet some people support the candidature and believe Kanye West will be a good president. The majority however, aren’t thrilled by the thought of Kanye West as president and Kim Kardashian as the first lady. The
Kardashian clan seems to support the idea and have been posting pictures of Mr. West as president. One has to wonder if there would be free plastic surgery for all.

Until Mr. West publically announces the seriousness of his statement we won’t know if we should be surprised or worried. If it is really true, we can only hope Kanye West loves America just as much as he loves himself.


LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30:  Recording artist Kanye West accepts the Video Vanguard Award onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Getty Images For MTV)


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