Free passes to see “99 Homes!”

Hey students, download your free pass to see the new fact-based thriller “99 Homes,” starring Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon and Laura Dern. The advance screening will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 6 for 7 p.m. at AMC Elmwood Palace [...]

Free passes to Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies!”

Download a free pass to see Steven Spielberg’s new Cold War thriller “Bridge of Spies,” starring Tom Hanks. The advance screening will be held on Monday, Oct. 12 for 7 p.m. at AMC Elmwood Palace 20. Must show Delgado student [...]

Free passes to college screening for “Suffragette!”

Delgado students! Would you like to be one of the first people to see “Suffragette,” starring Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter? The film doesn’t open until Oct. 23, but a college screening will be held [...]

Delgado christens new learning center

By Stephen Salopek Friday, Sept. 18 was the official unveiling of the Marvin E. Thames Learning Resource Center on campus. The 60,000 square foot facility stands in place of the original Moss Memorial library, destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane [...]

Life…Liberty… Freedom …Perseverance

By La’Donna Bryer On Sept. 17, the SGA held an event in the student life center to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution. “One of the main reasons we hosted this event is because we wanted students and faculty to understand why [...]

How to get away with history

By KiEricka Hart It was a night of firsts for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 20. After seven previous nominations, Jon Hamm won his first Emmy for the role of Don Draper on “Mad Men.” But it was Viola Davis who made entertainment [...]

“Hotel Transylvania 2” review

By Jeff Boudreaux Dracula, Mavis and all of their monster friends return in “Hotel Transylvania 2,” a sequel that boasts a tremendous amount of heart but unfortunately, not a whole lot of laughs. Proving that lightning doesn’t strike [...]

“Everest” is the pinnacle of IMAX entertainment (movie review)

By Jeff Boudreaux Survival takes center-stage in “Everest,” the staggering true story of two expeditions and their collective fight against a debilitating snowstorm in 1996. From its terrific cast (which includes Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, [...]

Fall 2015 Movie Preview

By Jeff Boudreaux   It’s that time of year again. The blockbusters of summer are squeezing out their last few dollars from moviegoers who are anxious to see what will “fall” into cinemas come September. There are a few which everyone [...]

Fall Welcome Festival

Photos By La’Donna Bryer