The Blackboard Alternative

By Samira Palmer


By the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester, we will no longer be using the program Blackboard. For most students, Blackboard made life a bit simpler. The program is currently used for homework, tests/quizzes, classroom announcements, and even conversations among different classes. And for professors, it made grading easier. There’s even a Blackboard app for smart phones.

The new “Alternative to Blackboard” is Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas and Blackboard are similar in many ways. Canvas can be used on different devices such as computers, tablets, and phones. Also, Canvas has speed grading and students can receive notifications via social media or text messaging. There’s also open integration where you can easily share something that you found online.

Professors are being required to attend Canvas training. Students will also be able to train as well. No one will be able to access Blackboard after July 31, 2015, so it is suggested that if you have anything saved on this site that is important, you should remove it before it is gone forever.

What Next?

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