Nola Motorsports: Finally a place to let out our inner speed demons

By Kamel Benyahia


Roughly thirty-minutes from the French Quarter lies Nola Motorsports Park in Avondale. The park has a full race track stretching over two-miles and boasts challenging corners and long straights. This is more than just a race track though; Nola Motorsports Park features a karting track that is open to the public almost every day. There are garages for racing teams and local performance tuners and dyno testing facilities. The track is also available for events and they have accommodations to handle large crowds as demonstrated during the Nola Grand Prix.

There are many ways to satisfy your need for speed at this complex. The kart track is the most immediate way to get your feet wet with some racing. This is a much better karting experience than the go-karts found at a putt-putt course. The track is a sectioned-off area of a larger kart track that is used in professional karting events. The abbreviated track meant for the public takes about 30 seconds to complete one lap and actually tracks each driver by kart number. On your first visit you will be asked to register with an email address so they can track your lap times. Upon completion of a session you can get a printout with your lap times and position during the session. This will get any group’s competitive juices flowing and give the faster ones evidence to back up their claims. On the printout you can see who has the fastest time of the week, much like a high score on a video game. This a clever way of getting people to come back and improve their times, it certainly worked on me.

The full karting track is adaptable to many types of kart races and leagues. For drivers who have their own karts, they can participate in Sprint Kart Championships which are featured each month according to Nolamotorsports.com. There is a full kart shop and garage for repairs and maintenance. The shop also stocks souvenirs and has a second floor for spectators to watch the kart races. Anyone interested in purchasing a Sprint Kart can also do that at the Karting Pro Shop.

There is far more than karting at NOLA Motorsports, they have Open track days, the Mustang Experience, Xtreme Experience, and the GP Experience. Open track days are available to the public with minor restrictions. You must have a driver’s license and the car must pass inspection at the track. There is a Track Day “lite” that will familiarize drivers with the course and proper racing lines. The Mustang Experience takes you out of your daily driver and puts you in a fully built Mustang FR500S. You must be at least 18 and know how to drive a standard before you get behind the wheel of this car. This experience comes with everything you need and you will get some solid racing knowledge out of it. The Xtreme Experience allows anyone over the age of 18 with a driver’s license to drive some of the world’s most legendary supercars. Imagine driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari on a race track and seeing what they are truly capable of. This is the opportunity to enjoy a supercar without the hassles of owning one. There are so many ways to have fun at NOLA Motorsports track and if any of this sounds interesting to you than check them out at nolamotor.com.

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