NOLA Jazz Fest Fashion Guide

By Teamarious Williams


Most of the concerts you’ll attend this summer will start when the sun is still blazing, meaning you are likely to be really hot during the show, especially if you decide to dance. To avoid medical difficulties, you should drink two gallons of water in the 24 hours that precede the concert and also wear sunscreen. When attending huge events such as Jazz fest it’s always good to prepare yourself with items such as sunscreen, and some old shoes you don’t care about because they will get dusty or muddy.jazz2

Travel light but travel smart. Be prepared for hot weather. Shorts and short sleeves are the regular. So are sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen (I cannot stress this enough). Wear comfortable shoes or sandals as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Walkways get muddy after rain showers so leave your sparkling white tennis shoes at home. Carry a pocket-size disposable rain poncho. You can pick one up in the French Quarter for a buck or two. Earplugs are at your own discretion. Don’t forget cash and a camera.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs far as lady outfits for Jazz Fest, maxi dresses for women make sense for natural air conditioning if you don’t mind the bottom getting fairly crusty from dust, dirt or mud. Or maybe go for a shorter, lightweight dress. Diaphanous, gauzy tops layered over tanks are a cooling option, too. As far as men’s fashion for Jazz Fest, a light windbreaker jacket with a hood could serve you well. Sandals and flip flops might sound like a good idea in the NOLA heat, but consider that you’ll be on your feet all day and night, so choose sandals with some support that will lighten your load. So with all of the above being said, kick back, relax and enjoy your New Orleans Jazz Fest experience, New Orleans style.jazz 4

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