In My Humble Opinion

By Jamila Cherif


Each spring semester, Delgado Community College hosts an international fair involving the ESL Department, that is intended to share cultural values. Nearly 10 countries are represented with costumes, currency, and food.

I think it was good overall and well organized. An interesting thing is that there was a tremendous variety of food, and it was totally free. It was an opportunity to be more sociable and take an exit from your comfort zone. Of course, you won’t want to try something you’re allergic to. So, every time you want to taste a dish, you’re free to ask about the ingredients used.

The purpose of the international fair is for the faculty to create interaction between students of different cultures. But also, this is an opportunity for these students to ‘’travel’’ around the world in a day and enrich their knowledge. Now, how that can happen if there is not a considerable sign of interest shown by these students?

Based on my observation there were more foreign students than those from the United States. Maybe it was a lack of time because some students might be in class. At that point the schedule should be reconsidered to allow everybody to enjoy the international fair.

My next point is about the food, but let me ask y’all first: is pizza American? Well, some of you need to do research if that’s what you think. Most American students asked for pizza at the American table. They were obviously very picky, and were not tempted to try some new dishes.

It’s hurtful and kind of disrespectful to reject the food that these people took their time to cook. It’s understandable if you have digestion problems, but avoid showing the ‘’yeurk look’’ on your face.

Anyway for the next spring semester and international fair, remember this will ultimately teach you more than it can hurt you. So, bring a lot of enthusiasm, an open mind and an open mouth to give it a try

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