Creative Corner – Untitled

By Tiffny Harris


My feelings get deeper and yours are doing the same, what more is there left to explain?? Except I came at the wrong time, and u have a one track mind, on ur future and it doesn’t involve me in it, but before we end it, I need to vent no I need ur strength to keep me warm at night, light up my life. Fill it wit indescribable happiness and joy as u always do. I am bleeding love and here the proof, because of you I am changing for the better, with each letter I write, word I recite. Tears I held inside. My emotions get the best of me every time I look in your eyes, my pride, too strong to ever let you see me weak, my heart seeks for answers to unknown questions and lesson learned but may b this is another one I should let burn. Only God knows may b I should wait my turn!!! But when you’re not around I yearn. For your touch, your lips, to hear u speak and the way u think. That just a few on the list, of things I miss. I just want the chance to be responsible for having your heart, when will you start. See me and you could make the world jealous. It could be me and you against the world, I’ll stand proud as your girl and u could do the same as my man, and, it could be a happy perfect ending, and a beautiful new beginning.

My mind says I don’t know??

My heart says don’t let go?

How I feel I constantly show????

I am in love with a man and he doesn’t know!!!!

What Next?

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