Creative Corner -Dear Future Husband

By Tiffny Harris


I put that on everything that I will remain faithful and loyal to you. I will support you in anything you do. Whether you are wrong or right, I will love you with all my might. I will never give up on us, not even for the slightest fuss, or confrontation. I will remain patient enough to know that you are out there somewhere, waiting to meet me or maybe we already met and you haven’t figured out I am the one yet. The one you can’t go a day without, the one that completes you and makes you a better person. I’ll be the one that gives you another reason to live, and then you’ll know the true meaning of why Eve was made out of Adam’s rib. I put that on everything that I am when I tell you it won’t be easy but believe me, if we keep God first, everything we do will work. This is a love only we will share and I won’t let someone else’s opinion determine how much I care, I will always be there. Even at your worst, pushing you to succeed and this is my begging plea. Wherever you are near or far, know that I LOVE YOU and I’ll go the extra miles for you because I know you will truly be worth it. Then we will be two hearts beating for one purpose. I put this on everything that I am and will be, signed sincerely from this Queen to her future King.

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