Will the New Orleans Saints Crash?

By Teamarious Williams

We’re still waiting on the specific details of some of the New Orleans Saints’ newest contracts, so it’s impossible to specify exactly where they stand against the salary cap. In a stunning trade, the New Orleans Saints have agreed to ship star tight end Jimmy Graham and a fourth-round draft pick to the Seattle Seahawks for a first-round pick and center Max Unger.

The reason the New Orleans Saints were willing to trade Jimmy Graham was because they believe his body may not hold up over time. Many feel like the Seahawks got the better of this trade based on how dynamic Graham has been for the Saints over the past few years.

Losing Graham, who is the most dynamic pass-catching TE in the league, is certainly a big blow. Rightly, there remains justifiable concern among the Who Dat Nation. The question: How will the team retain its most valuable assets, while continuing to field a championship contender, particularly after last season’s dreadful finish?

A big factor in the saint’s 7-9 record last season was a lack of toughness in the trenches on both sides of the line of scrimmage. By acquiring Unger, they fill a need and immediately upgrade the interior offensive line. Only time will tell how the New Orleans Saints will play out for the 2015 season.

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