Spring guide to natural detox: Less cost, better health

By Jamila Cherif



If you want to have a healthy body that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, here are a couple of cost-effective and natural recipes to do a successful detox. To lose weight, people try all sorts of products, and mainly look for the fastest route to achieve results. So, what are the most important things to consider? For starters, the often overlooked actual components of the product, the effects of which can damage our vital organs later. It’s good to be and look healthy, however thinner doesn’t always mean healthier. The true challenge starts with the time you recognize your lifestyle, and intentionally seek a change. Here are some pointers to start your journey:

  • avoid stress
  • get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night
  • do cardio 20 minutes a day; including yoga or push-ups
  • don’t skip breakfast
  • cut out sweets, soda and fast food
  • five servings of fresh fruits or veggies
  • take time to chew your food
  • drink a lot of water every day and don’t starve yourself

If you’re spending a considerable time outside, especially in warm weather, I suggest you bring a delicious water mixture for your hydration. These detox formulas will cleanse toxins, make you lose weight, and boost your immune system.

My favorite one is the orange-blueberry detox water because the ingredients are affordable and easy to find in local stores. You need one sliced orange, a handful of blueberries and mint, and ice cubes. Mix with 4 cups of water and enjoy the fruity flavor!

Another highly recommended recipe is the lemon-cucumber-mint detox water. Besides cleansing toxins, it gives you healthier hair and skin. To prepare: slice 3/4 cucumber and 1 lemon, add a handful of mint leaves, 4 cups of water and ice cubes. Sip and feel the hydration!

Finally, there’s the pineapple-sugarcane detox water, a simply delicious remedy for digestion problems. Give it a try with 2 liters of water, 2 sticks of sugarcane, add chunks of fresh pineapple and ice cubes.

These are all items you can sometimes find on sale in your local grocery store for a healthier you!



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