Spring Forward! What’s new for Men’s Fashion?

By: Teamarious Williams

For spring 2015, men’s fashion is all about one word: Simple. Spring runways forecast that this season will be all about clean lines, a neutral color palette and unexpected pops of color. Guys, take note! Just because you are a broke student doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same simple styles that rocked this season’s runways. Style is one of the best ways to express yourself, regardless of who you are. So, if you love fashion but have a limited budget and are crunched for time: read on.

Lots of men love dressing up, but hate the complicated and restrictive feeling of formal wear. Fear not fellas! This spring formal gets comfy and classic:

Winter may be over, but the mornings and evenings still get chilly. A lightweight pea coat is a classic shade that is hot now, and will be for years to come. My personal pick is a navy or nude pea coat with large unfussy buttons. I love this coat because you can wear it with anything in your wardrobe.

Alright guys, yeah we dress for comfort…and the ladies. Ask any woman “what’s the first thing you look at when meeting a man?” Surprise! It’s your shoes. Well-made shoes are an investment in not only your closet but for your back’s health as well. The hottest shoes for guys this spring come in prints.

For your main wardrobe, spring allows you to peel off those winter layers and get comfy. Soft T-shirts in neutral colors with a scoop neck line not only feel great, but look classy when paired with these seasons’ relaxed pastel slacks. Whew, that’s right you can have that second piece of pizza again. Good-bye men’s leggings/skinny jeans!

Spring fashion may be comfy but to keep from looking sloppy (no one wants to look like a scrub), buy items that FIT. Not sure what size to get? Ask a sales person for help. Don’t be shy, you’re not asking for directions dude. A pair of well-fitted pants or a shirt can change not only the way you look but feel. Men’s fashion this spring gives you some breathing room and asks you to give your closet a good spring cleaning.

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