New Orleans Fashion Week

By La’Donna Bryer and Julie M. Dedebant


March is here and the temperatures continue to drop. A storm is coming. It has hit New York, slammed Milan, and is heading for New Orleans. It’s Fashion Week! New Orleans Fashion Week 2015 (NOFW) marks the fifth year of success for this event. NOFW features local talent in the fashion/design industry, and will be held at the New Orleans Board of Trade located in the CBD, from March 21-28. In addition to the New Orleans Fashion Week dates, there will be a kickoff party at the Saint Hotel on Canal Street on March 18, as well as a style lounge for the entire week, where you can shop with local boutiques, artists, make-up professionals, and jewelry designers.
There will be designers from all backgrounds returning to the NOFW stage and many new ones as well. Fashion week’s signature event is “The Top Design Competition.” This contest entails 10 new designers, whose creations will be featured on and off the runway and judged by professionals in the industry. ROMEY ROE, JERK AND JON, and PEDRAM COUTURE are just a few of the names you will see in shining lights. All of these creators are from the Southern region and their collections will be showcased for the entire week. If you are crafting a collection and want it to be seen here locally, this may be the place for you.
NOFW founder, Tracee Dundas, expressed how excited she is for this year’s upcoming events. “I’m excited about the Top Design Competition, because that puts a shining light on the up-and-coming designers to see if they have what it takes to make it in the industry.”
If you’re a student and want to attend any of the runway shows and festivities, tickets are $35.00 at the door, or $32.64 in advance at www.fashionweeknola.com.

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