Looking for Some Summer Fun? Get on Board

By Isadora Linheira Carlos


As Delgado students, we all know that our spring break is more like a quick pit stop than an actual break. For some people it may sound like bad news, but here’s something that may cheer you up and give you some nice ideas. What about working extra days, or picking extra shifts on spring break to guarantee your super fun trip in the summer? New Orleans has the 6th largest port in the United States and it is known for its cruises, many departing from and arriving in New Orleans. A huge part of New Orleans’ tourism comes from its port, welcoming many cruisers who either make a quick stop to try some of NOLA’s finest food, or decide to stay for a couple of days.
If you are planning on going on a trip for the summer, cruises are an awesome and fairly cheap option. The port of New Orleans accommodates cruise lines such as Norwegian, ACCL and Carnival; which give you an extended range of prices to pick the best option to fit your budget. Cruises are also known for the glamorous experience that is offered, from getting drinks on the deck while sunbathing by the pool, to shopping at the stores, to great parties and dinners. Cruises definitely offer entertainment 24/7 to its vacationers on board.
The destinations are many, such as the Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico and Caribe. The prices may vary from how many days you want to travel, the destination and the level of accommodation (interior, ocean view, balcony, suite, suite master). The price range within the months of summer break (for the basic accommodations package) starts from $250.00 to $800.00 per person, which depending on the company also includes all meals. With good online research, knowing your budget and how many days you want to be on board, you can definitely get a good deal for a glamorous and unique experience with friends and/or family. Many packages are sold by less than $70.00 a day, which is way less than you would spend in any hotel room plus other expenses.
The cruise experience is not only an exotic way to enjoy the summer but it’s also very economic, a reason why it became the first option for many students who can’t afford big extravaganzas. Cruises also offer many stops on the way, which depending on what your destination is, gives you a chance to visit more than five different locations! Set your budget, do your research, find your best deal and get on board!

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