Letter from the editors: No Shade Fits All Written by: Meghan Henoumont

She is perfect. Our society honors her by entering her into a daily beauty pageant, with or without her consent. Her hair is long and silky: gold as thread spun from sunlight. Her skin: Photoshop-flawless, tan but just light enough to compliment her eyes. Which are of course, beach water blue. Her body’s proportions are the standard of perceived modern beauty, Tall and apologetically slender.
She is easy to spot, in nearly every music video, entertainment magazine, and reality television show. She is the central function. She is the ideal. However, she is not me and there is a ninety-eight percent chance that she is not you either.
Every day, we are engulfed by images of beauty that are idealized, air-brushed (almost always a shade lighter), unrealistic and mostly downright unattainable.
A 2014 study on media and female body shaming by The American Psychological Association found that “…women who watched commercials, and read magazines depicting underweight, light skinned models lost self-confidence and became more dissatisfied with their own appearance. Women who spent the most time and effort on their appearance suffered the greatest loss of confidence.”
Meanwhile, popular media continues to push an “ideal” beauty standard on women that includes: skin bleaching products targeted at females from most ethnic backgrounds, a metal graft that is sewn on the tongue to discourage eating for weight loss ( we wish we made that up) and even home laser treatments for wrinkles.
Dolphins, we’ll be real with you. All us ladies in the newsroom are beauty/makeup/fashion obsessed. We all have our guilty pleasures. However, we believe beauty does not come in one standard form. No shade fits all.
Beauty products should make you feel good about how you look and who you are. Let’s put a stop to the mass daily body shaming inflicted on women. In this issue we’ve made a naturally you beauty guide for just this reason, no skin bleaching or lasers required. Ladies, it’s time to step out from behind the magazine page and embrace what your momma gave you.
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