“Samira’s Top Beauty Tricks” By Samira Palmer

It’s not always easy being beautiful, but I’m here to tell you that it can be! Does it take you longer to get ready for a night out due to a time consuming beauty routine? Valentine’s Day may be just an arrow’s shot away, but I have a few beauty shortcuts or “hacks” to get you looking gorgeous in a flash!

Want to know a secret? Waiting to put on your mascara until you’ve dusted your eyelashes with powder builds lusciously long lashes. Just add baby powder to your lashes using a cotton swab before and in-between layering your favorite mascara.

If a zit has popped up overnight, DON’T Panic. A little dab of eye drops will help to reduce redness. Just soak a cotton ball in it then hold onto the pimple for a few minutes. The redness will go away for a few hours and you could then cover the zit with concealer.

Did you know there are certain places where you can apply perfume for it to last all day? Try spraying your perfume behind your ears, inside your wrists, the base of your throat, inside your elbows and behind your knees for a longer lasting fragrance.

To get dramatic lashes, hold a credit card up to your lashes while applying mascara, beginning at the root and wiggling the brush to the tip. This ensures that your lashes will be covered all the way to the base with mega-volume.

We all know lipstick doesn’t last a whole day. This problem can be fixed with a tissue and some translucent powder. After applying your lip color, hold the tissue over your lips lightly and dust a bit of translucent powder over the tissue. This helps set the lip stick so it will last longer.

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