Labors of Love: Life as an Emerging Photographer By Teamarious Williams

Photography, like most childhood games, was something I did just for the fun of it. My best friend and I would ride around Uptown, New Orleans to take pictures of people walking, working-out or riding their bike down St. Charles, acting as if we were paparazzi. What has inspired me to take photography as a serious career are people currently in my life. Two people who inspired me are my mother and my best friend CJ. They inspired me to turn the lens around, on myself. So, I began by taking “selfies” and used these pictures to learn photo-editing. I must have done a pretty good job, because people started complimenting my pictures on social media sites. The sudden attention of people I didn’t even know provided further motivation for me to take my photography seriously. I started off by using a digital camera, one that was able to fit into my pocket. My first photo shoot was amazing; I worked with someone who was interested in modeling so we collaborated and worked on a shoot together.

It’s far from easy to start a small business. Not everyone you meet along the way will help you, believe in you or support you. In reality it’s up to you to have confidence in your talent and the drive to go after gigs when no one has ever heard of you, yet.

To become a successful photographer, you will need to do two very important things: Get your name out there, and get started. No one begins by shooting Lil Wayne’s newest video. Community service is a great way to get your name out around town, while giving back to those in need. I started off by attending several events, such as fashion shows, birthday dinners, small private parties, working with models who are trying to get out there. In the photography world, networking and personality can take you far.

Two years later, I’ve worked with people that in the beginning I could have only imagined working with. I’ve done large-scale fashion shows and weddings, worked with models from America’s Next Top Model, have been invited to events that people could only dream of.
I’m still learning as a photographer, and the learning never stops, but for me, photography is having a vision appear in my mind, then capturing it and bringing it to life.

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