The Arsonists, presented at Delgado Community College

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By Timothy K. Baker, Professor of Theatre Arts

What if government leaders were able to take over your life and cause total destruction of your beliefs and liberties?  Could this happen?  Well, back in 1953, the playwright Max Frisch, spun a tale addressing that very issue.  His play about a totalitarian governing body, “The Arsonists,” will be presented by Delgado Community College from Tuesday Nov.18 through Sunday Nov. 23.

This political farce tells the story of Gottlieb Biedermann, an honorable businessman who allows two strangers to stay in his attic.  These two men may be members of a group of arsonists who are responsible for torching much of his small town.  Biedermann’s arrogance at first allows him to turn a blind eye to what is happening in his house until his self-imposed ignorance leads him to become an accomplice to his own downfall.  “The Arsonists” is a not-so-improbable wild comedy that reminds us of what can happen if we shy away from our political and social responsibilities.
Directed by Kris LaMorte, the play stars Tyler Brantmeyer and Olivia Ros as the Biedermanns, and features Miriam Smith, Tony Coco, Vincent Mickens, Michael LeClaire and Chinwe Onyenekwu.

 Nightly performances will be held from Tuesday Nov. 18 through Saturday Nov. 22 at 8 p.m.  The final showing will be on Sunday Nov. 23 at 3 p.m. All performances will take place in the Drama Hall on the third floor of Isaac Delgado Hall on the City Park Campus.   General Admission is $10.  Student and faculty tickets are $8.

 Please call 671-6386 for reservations or more information.


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