If you were the energy you wasted



By Alexis Miano

According to energy collective, the US is the leading country in wasting energy. With an efficiency of 42 percent, which means 58 percent of all energy we produce is wasted. Our energy is wasted on things such as industrial waste, coal petroleum, natural gas and heat waste.

Naomi Kizhner, an Israeli graduate student and artist, has created a line of jewelry dedicated to broadening the world’s perspective on the overuse of energy.  The design of the jewelry itself is futuristic, but its capabilities are mind-blowing. The jewelry is essentially a battery, powered by rotating spikes in your own veins that convert blood flow into kinetic energy.

Naomi has three different pieces from this line of jewelry: the Blinker, the E-Pulse and the Blood Bridge. The E-Pulse conductor comes equipped with a hydro micro tube and a micro energy cell that is inserted into your wrist. The Blinker has an electromagnet, a micro energy cell and a cover that is placed on the top of your nose and extends to the beginning of your eye brows. The blood bridge is inserted into the back of your neck.  The involuntary movements your body makes create the energy needed to become a power source.

As an artist Kizhner refers to herself as “a constant pursuer of missed compositions that believes in simple design with complex capabilities.”  Naomi created a jewelry line that is forcing society to question, if your own flesh were the declining resource, would you still be willing to waste the energy you do?


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